Musings: Why I'm Hosting My Own Solo Show

I want to be clear about something. Fort Collins is not known to be the kind of place where you can easily make a successful art career. People love living here because it is a simple life, the communities are intimate, and here communities matter.

Here I can live a sustainable, mindful life, focus on making art, and enjoy my community. I've been able to delve deep into my creative work and expand my practice significantly. I was able to spend a year completely focused on creating the series of paintings called the Love Letters Series.

I've extended my interests into civic duties and worked with the Downtown Fort Collins Creative District Committee to become a Colorado Certified District. I started the Pop Up Art Carts in the Old Town Square.

Why, people ask, are you doing all this? Because it matters to me that I live in a place where art matters. I am not content believing that I have to launch myself into the Denver market to have any success at all. Plus, the trend in the gallery market is not sustainable, with commissions rising every year. How does that make sense to artists who barely make a profit from a sale?

With Fort Collins growing exponentially, this town is changing at crazy-fast speeds. Downtown has become almost too cool for its britches. Yet, this means opportunity too.

Root: Jazz, Acrylic on birch, 10 x 10in
Northern Colorado is expanding the boundaries of its cultural awareness far beyond the beer & bikes culture, and I want to join that trend.

Admittedly, when I completed the Love Letters Series, I expected to have the Premier Exhibition in a venue with a solid reputation and large audience... in other words, not in Fort Collins. With time clicking by, the challenge of personal hurdles, and the gift of a space large enough to host the show, I came to realize the time is nigh.

Besides, this is my community, where my friends and supporters are, and I'd hate to have them miss this milestone by having it miles away. I am thoroughly enjoying planning and designing for the show, too, especially with my fabulous, generous group of show committee volunteers. It takes a community to host a show this size, and I'm thankful for it. That's half the fun. Thanks Amy, Dawn, Mindy, & Laurie!

August - September, 2016
Community Creative Center, Fort Collins