Event: A Silent Meditative Hour

My mind was empty,
my lips still,
and my heart lighter.

You might be wondering why I have scheduled an hour each day in the gallery for a "Silent Meditative Hour" (noon-1). It's unusual for an art exhibit to observe this practice, but when you understand my studio practice and the intentions behind the series it makes a lot of sense.

In the studio I sometimes work on technique, or experiment, or just play. Sometimes my play takes me much deeper into an idea or even a mediation, and that can turn into a profound experience. This was the case with the Love Letters paintings.

While working on each piece, I set an intention to work until I reached a resolve. With each step of the painting, I knew what I was searching for - not necessarily an aspect of the composition - but rather a feeling about what my energy and emotions were telling me.

In abstract work this is common, but in this series, the healing intent meant I was going very deep into my psyche in search of the root of an issue. Each painting had a story that needed to be told, and every bit of it dredged up and expressed until it was all out of me. I always knew when I reached that stage because my mind was empty, my lips still, and my heart lighter.

Then it was time to progress onto the next stage, the flip side if you will. You see, with the muck out of the way and the waters clear, there could be another message waiting for me. Sometimes this message was very clear, and other times I just felt relieved. Regardless, that message is in the paintings. That bit of my soul is there waiting to talk to whomever will listen.

Some people have had profound interactions with the paintings, and I want to give that opportunity to others too. It is a way for me to honor the process that these paintings came into being. So come early and sit in silence for a bit and see what the paintings have to say.

August - September, 2016
Community Creative Center, Fort Collins