Community Love Letter Painting

During the Love Letters Exhibition invited visitors to contribute to a painting in progress.

People loved being able to play with paint, which in itself can be quite transformative. Here are a few snapshots of the piece in progress... no plan, just play!

To set the space for this community healing piece, I had these words for people to contemplate:


This piece is a community project. 

I invite you to write, draw, scribble, scratch... 
to express yourself, to lay your burdens down,

Like lighting a candle, or hanging a milagro, 
spinning a prayer wheel, or making a wish,

Just open your heart and let it out. 
That which weighs you down every day does 
not need to be a burden forever.

Release it.

Let it go.

Feel your heart be light.

I will complete the piece, with all your offerings remade into a work of beauty and brightness.
Thank You for your heartfelt contributions to this community healing.

After the show I completed the piece following the process used in the Love Letters paintings. This underpainting has been transformed to the blue painting below. Only some of the images are visible, but all of the energy remains.

Work in Progress, Community Love Letter Painting, 2016

Final, Community Love Letter Painting, 2016

August - September, 2016
Community Creative Center, Fort Collins