Studio Practice, Practice, Practice

Five (5), F-I-V-E, months off! Oh my. What have I been doing? Purging, packing, planning, moving, unpacking, purging, shopping, rearranging, reassessing, assembling, installing, purging even more! And I still don’t have art on the walls - except for the studio, of course. That took only four months.

And in the studio? It too has downsized. I am now an expert at organizing and fitting things into small spaces. Friends gape at the wall shelf fitted with bins and drawers with nary an inch to spare. But even so, I am still faced with so many things gathered over years of art-making, like this painting on paper for example. I clipped it to the wall and after several weeks I saw its new incarnation as this…

And since I had a few more paintings on paper, I kept on going…

So it seems I am in reassess mode. After all, when your living space demands being tidy every day and your one bathroom acts as the master bath AND the guest bath, you change your habits completely. Hidden storage, small furniture, a designated place for everything - I’m so compartmentalized its no wonder I had to recompose my paintings.


I’m working on another studio project - practice really - working on six different panels and reworking them again and again. I’ve only done a few layers so far, but I’m already feeling the freedom of not considering anything so precious that it can’t be transformed further.

I’m certain this will be a challenge at times, which is why I am considering all of them finished at any given moment. They are available for sale to preserve their current state forever - so if your heart melts at the sight of a work of art, best to snatch it up right away. There’s no saying how long it might last before I continue my studio play.

The series Evolution/Revolution will be on my website in its current state, so check back regularly to see what has transpired, and email me if you want to see it in person. I’ll be going through every idea that comes to me - so they are sure to transform wildly. Practice, practice, practice!

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