About Bonnie


I have always been intrigued by dynamics of energy witnessed through our physicality and the play of unseen attractions and repulsions. Emotion is that energy in motion, and my studio work is driven by the need to express something through that movement. The interplay between physical media, impulse and internal dialog is key to an experience that is incredibly nourishing and spiritual.

Working the surface of a piece can be seductive, but the underlying spirit of a work is what draws me in, to follow an invitation to go deep. This spirit of creativity has become a healing salve, not just a skilled practice with a medium. I begin a piece by setting intentions for healing, choosing a format, and then allow the work to manifest of itself. In earlier work, such as the Healing Herb prints, this process was more an intellectual exercise that would sometimes result in profound experiences.

Now with more practice, that focus on intentional healing has become central to my work. I took cues from indigenous healing rituals, such as the sand paintings of the Navajo, and learned to set space and allow energy to move through me, thus shifting back into balance. This process became highly refined while working on the immensely intimate body of work, the Love Letters paintings. Each piece is an intentional healing focused on an aspect of my personal story.

Whether personal or universal, my work takes sludge-filled heartaches and turns them into works of beauty and brightness. My audience has expanded through contemporary art venues as well as alternative healing circles.