The Love Letter Series is an immensely intimate body of work, with each painting focused on healing a personal wound through a mindful, transformative process. I developed a ritual that asks for a unique hurt to be healed, similar to hanging prayer flags, placing milagros on a shrine, or lighting a church candle — all of them put positive intentions into motion that facilitate shifts to happen. My intent is to heal my own heart, to free the emotional burden and live more joyfully.

I created each piece using layers of paint, wood cuts, and ripped veneer “shards” carefully repositioned. The series began with a painting that pushed me to the wall. For a long time I could not resolve it. Then, in a fit of emotional outburst, I let ‘er rip, quite literally, and in the process pulled up pieces of veneer. I eagerly tore them off, expressing my rage with each shred. Afterwards I realized the value of the “shards” that littered every inch of my studio floor. These precious bits were like muffled emotions finally bursting their way out.

Their intense energy released, the painted shards became more like poetry that is born out of the heart, so I gathered them up and lovingly attached them again. That was the start of a breathtaking journey transmuting my sludge-filled heartaches into works of beauty and brightness. They came straight from my heart, their titles reflecting my resolved, renewed energy.

I received an MFA from New York University, enjoyed a design career in Seattle’s high-tech industry, and now create works of art in my home studio in Fort Collins, CO.

August - September, 2016
Community Creative Center, Fort Collins
Community Creative Center 970-416-2069
facebook: BonnieLebeschArt
Instagram: BonnieLebesch

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