Musings: Is It Good?

Does it suck? These wise words are from the wonderfully creative talent Linda Barry in her book What It Is. Ms Barry simultaneously makes me cringe at all those too-familiar, awkward childhood moments and helps me see the light of a creative life.

These two questions are what the world asks of us, the teachers and critiques, audiences and customers, galleries and museums. And the difficult thing is, there is no answer. It is all subjective, which means, opinions.

At times I try to follow that illusive "good" label, aligning myself with some critical element coming from outside of me. Listening to that voice only makes me miserable, until, blessedly, I give up and realize I DON'T KNOW!!! I don't know what I am doing! I'm a failure!

So I sulk around for a few days until out of boredom I pick up a colored pencil and begin to scribble some worthless mess on paper. This sucks. Why am I doing this? I'm only wasting my expensive pencils.

Soon the world opens back up again and I'm back in the flow. MY FLOW. The glory of it is, when you stop trying to be something, you lose your head and get into the flow of it. How could I ever forget? Well, as Ms. Barry explains, you learn and forget this an infinite number of times.

Oh yeah, I remember now, that familiar territory of deep calm and trust, where nothing matters and I get to play again. Bliss.

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