Artwork: Love Letter Community Paintings

During the Love Letters Exhibitions I invite visitors to contribute to a painting in progress. People love playing with paint, which in itself can be quite transformative. Afterwards, I complete the piece by cutting and reworking the painting. The underpainting is slightly visible beneath and in the cut pieces glued on top.

Completed Community Painting, 23 x 19"

This piece is a community project. 

I invite you to write, draw, scribble, scratch... 
to express yourself, to lay your burdens down,

Like lighting a candle, or hanging a milagro, 
spinning a prayer wheel, or making a wish,

Just open your heart and let it out. 
That which weighs you down every day does 
not need to be a burden forever.

Release it.
Let it go.
Feel your heart be light.

I will complete the piece, with all your offerings 
remade into a work of beauty and brightness.
Thank You for your heartfelt contributions 
to this community healing.