Rocky Mountain Biennial / Museum of Art Fort Collins

The all media Rocky Mountain Biennial, organized by the Museum of Art Fort Collins, presents a diverse look into contemporary artwork in the Intermountain West, showing artists residing in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah.

Leah Ollman, juror
Leah Ollman has been writing criticism and features about art for the Los Angeles Times since 1987, and has served as Corresponding Editor for Art in America since 1997.

Exhibition Dates: July 31 - September 20, 2020

Variation B/5, 2020

Artist's Statement

It is impossible to know anything for certain, because everything is relative, interactive, and in flux. Our perceptions are personal and fleeting, our memories fractured in detail and in the time-space continuum. To observe a still object is an unfolding experience based on how we choose to explore it, and how we re-member it.

I experience these shifts on a daily basis. A work of art cannot possibly express just one thought or direction. Tangents grow from each action in the art-making process, ripe with possibility, connections to the past and future. Your current thought, in a snapshot, would consist of many pieces.

This series of fractured and constructed paintings are one possible snapshot of that every-shifting chaotic experience in a physical, mental, energetic universe.