The Love Letters paintings demonstrate a dramatic shift in my creative work. Triggered by conflicting aspects in my work -  the desire for control  vs the desire for spontaneity - I was pushed into taking drastic, impulsive maneuvers that blew my previous process out the window. It threw me backwards and forwards - back into an intuitive, intentional healing focus of early work, and forward into exploring materials with a new level of childlike trust.

These paintings are healing expressions of the heart. I take to the studio and paint recklessly, wildly, letting go of any control. My process is fueled by the excitement of ripping into and tearing apart the birch panel, exposing what lies beneath. These shards of veneer are like expressions themselves, words and beliefs I use to build up my illusion of reality. Unearthing the truth of what lies below that façade is pure release, allowing a true healing of the heart. Having been cleared of their intense emotions, the painted shards become more like poetry that is born out of love, so I gather them up and lovingly attach them again.

The series is mostly comprised of large (47" x 47") and small (10" x 10") accompanying panels, with several intermediate sized panels, over 45 paintings in all. Literature on this series and exhibition details available by request. 


2018, Artworks Loveland, Solo show of 29 artworks including floor installation.
2018, 3 Square Art, Group show including 6 artworks from the Love Letter series.
2016, Creative Community Center, Love Letters Series Premier, 46 artworks including floor installation.
2016, Poudre Valley Community Fundraiser, Solo show including Love Letters and Beetle Wood.
2014, Vivid Conversations, Curated group show including 18 Love Letters.
2013, No Place Like Home, Juried show, Lincoln Center Gallery, Fort Collins, CO
2013, Heart Art Group Show, Poudre Art Gallery, including one Love Letter.